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ME-OR is a site dedicated to promoting off-road radio controlled car racing in the East Midlands. Be it 1:5 or 1:18th if it is on in the East midlands then we will cover it.

Started in 2007 by a group of racing enthusiasts, ME-OR soon became a popuar website and allowed people to discover this great sport.

What we wanted to create was a website that would promote the sport of off-road RC racing in the east midlands.

With the use of this website and social media we try to keep people informed of race meetings and clubs who are hosting events in this region.

We also host the pre-booking for the ever increasing in popularity BRCA Mid East Off-road series which has been getting record numbers over recent years.

We hope this site is useful to you and look forward to seeing you at a race meeting in the east midlands.

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