Mid East Regional Series

Class Rules:

Rules are per BRCA Handbook, Random cell voltage checks can be made before each heat is run, Batteries and motors as per BRCA Handbook.

Tyre Rule:

The following tyre list will be eligible for 2018 mid east regional series in any compound.

Rear Tyres:

2wd Front tyres:

4wd Front Tyres:

Lipo Sacks:

The charging of LIPOs in a protective container is mandatory.


Marshalls must wait to be relieved before leaving their designated post to make it easier to identify that all marshalls are present.

BRCA Membership:


All clubs and all drivers should be fully aware but, just to re-iterate, all drivers and club officials must be in possession of current 2018 BRCA Membership, which can be attained either through their parent club or direct with the BRCA. Full details are available at: http://www.brca.org/ and click on 'Join'.

Regional Championships, points scoring system:

Championship points for the 2018 season will be awarded for both final overall Qualifying position and overall finishing position. With 100 points being awarded for the TQ driver, points being awarded downwards below them. Then the winner of the A Final will be awarded 100 points, with points being allocated downwards on subsequent finishing positions. The winner of each Championship will be the driver that has the best 3 from 5 overall scores, that is of the five rounds of each class, your best three scores will go towards your overall Championship position and also your 2019 Formula grade.

Drivers are reminded that although they can race in more than one region they can only score Regional Championship points in one! They must inform the club officials they are scoring points in another region at the time of booking into the meeting. These drivers must be removed from the regional finals and be placed in the open class finals.

Booking In, Heat Listings, Seeding & Formulas:

We will do our best to seed each driver according to their ability with the information we have but please be patient in the early rounds if you feel you are not in the heat you should be. The gradings will be based on the following information. BRCA Formula; 2016 ME Regional Championship finishing position and known ability. Booking in for each round will close on the Friday Night prior to the Sunday meeting. Any drivers not booked in will go into the reserve heats with mixed ability drivers. Obviously this will be subject to careful consideration on the day. Subsequent rounds will, as per usual, also take into consideration drivers current 2017 Championship positions.

For the two day meetings booking in will close on the Friday night one full week before the event to allow heat lists to be made.

Junior Classes:

As with last year there will be two junior classes competing within the main body of both the two and four wheel drive Regional Championships. They are Under 13, that is under the age of 13 as of 01 January 2018 and Under 16, that is under the age of 16 as of 01 January 2018. It is suggested by the Regional Representative, the top three of the U13 Junior category, and Top U16, will be presented, by the host club, with an award for their efforts, on the day of EACH Regional round. Championship trophies and / or perpetual shields being awarded in relation to the final Junior Regional Championship positions, will be presented at the last meeting of each formula.


Veterans will again have their results calculated at the end of the year with trophies for the top three in the championship as well as a shield for the winner.

ALL Juniors (both U13 and U16) will race for £5 at ALL BRCA ME Regional Championship rounds.

Open Class:

Holding clubs should, as in previous years, be prepared to include an ''Open Class' for the category of vehicle that was not competing for points on the day, i.e. 2WD Regionals should have a 4WD Open Class. Depending on numbers of drivers competing out of region it may be beneficial to have a separate heat for these drivers as well. Any driver that is eligible to score points in the mid east region should be entered into the regional class.

Drivers are not permitted to enter the regional class and open class on the same day.


£10 seniors - £5 juniors


For West Bridgford rounds the timetable will be as above but +1 Hour

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